Saria tumbler/blog naming thread

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the title says it all. heres my suggestion:

La Cocina Diva


  • scrillsscrills Posts: 6,700Registered Users
    saria, what are you looking for? Anything thing you like? don't like? words to avoid? Words to include?

    (I'm on a naming kick since I just worked on and committed to a name for my new business)
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    It's about time!!! Not sure why it took you this long. :chef:

    I think the name of the blog should be a smart and witty play on words.
  • OBBOBB Posts: 4,174Registered Users
    Wok with Me

    Ergo Boss


    Spice Curl
  • SariaSaria Posts: 15,963Registered Users
    Gee, OBB, where were you when I was trying to come up with something?!

    I'll keep these under consideration for if I decide to change it at some point.