Rusk Anti Curl?

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Has anyone used Rusk Anti Curl and just left it in a minute or two to loosen up 3b curls? Don't want hair straight perfectly straight but would like to try something different with a little straighter look.
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    Have you seen this info on Rusk Anti Curl:

    All About Rusk AntiCurl

    I have had anti curl many times over the yrs. I loved how it made my hair easier to manage, loosened the curl, less bulky hair and less frizz even in humidity and I think it made it softer. I haven't had one since almost 6 yrs but am going to be looking into get another soon.

    In that article it says they leave it on 20 mins for normal hair I guess that means unprocessed and 15 for processed.
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    I have used Rusk Anti Curl for 20 yrs. I do it myself. Its the only product I will use to help loosen my tight curls. Love the stuff. !