Newb with a deep conditioning question!

Hey curlies!! ive been getting such great information after lurking around for the last couple days trying to change around my hair care regimen. im in need of a deep conditioner and i was wondering what you ladies like to use, i have 4c hair and it can be dry but it seems to take very well to moisturizing conditioners and what not

was curious as to what DC products you use, whether you use homemade DC etc.
Also i was wondering if it's ok to use leave-ins as a deep conditioner??


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    You can use anything as a DT - even your leave-in although that may not be rich enough. I usually use my regular rinse-out conditioner with some honey and a drop or two of olive oil.
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    Hi NaturallyHappy! We're glad you're here. You might want to look at our product reviews area to find recommended deep conditioners.

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