Damaged transitioning hair HELP!!!

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Hi I am curently 8 months along in my transition and I had braids in for about 2 months and I just took them out yesterday. The problem is I half detangled nd my hair got super matted when I washed it and when I did comb it, it broke off really badly leaving me with not a lot of relaxed ends( its not that bad I can still but hair in a pontail nd bun but the ends are really thin). I don't want to cut all of the relaxed ends off because I am not comfortable with the length my natural hair is at, but I made a hair appointment to get my hair pressed was this a good idea? Will this only make things worse?

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  • prentonneprentonne Registered Users Posts: 163
    Maybe you can try wigs for a while full and half. There's a chance the amt of heat the stylist will use may damage your new growth, but its ultimately up to you.

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  • KrazEKinkEKurlzKrazEKinkEKurlz Registered Users Posts: 32
    That will happen unfortunately :-/ relaxed hair is very dependent on the chemicals in the relaxer. So when you stop the chemicals, your hair becomes weak. And weakness can lead to breaking. My hair broke off really bad, that I had to cut it all off. I would recommend things that doesn't put any strain on your weak hair (that includes mass combing) was it a wide tooth comb?

    Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!! :)

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