No fail, humidity-proof products

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Heading to a tropical region for a couple of weeks and I need something that is going to keep the hair from frizzing. I live in a dry climate so I have no idea what to try.



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    Hey! People are always commenting on how humid it is here in Iowa... strange I know. Whenever I vacation in Florida, though, my hair goes a bit buck wild. LOTS of gel and a fine mist of hairspray while it's all still wet seemed to work well for me.

    Honestly. Don't be afraid to glop whatever gel you like on there. You'll thank me later. :)
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    Iowa is humid. =) My parents lived there for several years and I am originally from Ohio. The midwest is disgustingly humid. =)

    I am intrigued by just gel and some hairspray. Excited too. Figured I would have to take a ton of products.

    I don't even own hairspray and haven't in years. Is there a specific one or is it pretty much all the same?

    Thanks for your help!
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    i love curl keeper. works like a charm in humidity.
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    Thanks Guthak! I'll give that a try too. =)
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    I love L'Oreal Eversleek Frizz Taming Creme Serum.

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    Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle helps me with the humidity more than anything else I've tried. Also, if I put a small amount of oil (see my siggie) on my hands and coat my hair after shampooing and before conditioning (everyone else does it after conditioning, but I have better results with before) that helps also. Don't use too much - just a smidge.

    I just got a free sample of Curl Keeper so I'm eager to try that. Post back and let us know what works best for you. :toothy4:
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    I use As I Am Curling Jelly which seems to keep my hair frizz-free here in New Hampshire. I don't know if it would help in tropical areas, but on the most humid days here it has still proven very effective. Hope this helps!
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    i live on the north west coast where it rains a lot and use HE set me up gel and hairspray on wet hair. works like a charm, just have to scrunch it out when it dries.
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    Anyone have any thing else they use??? Going to Hawaii next month... And I KNOW I will need something!
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    I live in humidity hell florida (dew point was 75 at 6 am), and I have been using flax seed gel or kccc with cj curl queen. cj pattern pusha is good, too. seems best these days but some frizz in these dews is expected.
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