Terressentials vs Shea Moisture African Black Soap Hair Masque

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I was interested in an all natural cleanser that isn't a shampoo. I found out about Terresentials Organic Pure Earth Hair Wash and was thinking about getting the Left Coast Lemon but it was too pricey for me and I don't like ordering things online and waiting for them to come. I prefer buying products at a nearby store. When looking up deep conditioners I came across Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque. I don't have a dry or itchy scalp but the reviews got me interested in buying it to replace my almost gone deep conditioner. In the reviews I noticed that it has a cleansing power so I looked in the ingredients and figured it must be the Kaolin Clay since bentonite clay is the cleanser in Terresentials. What is the difference between those clays? Which product do you recommend or think is better? The Shea Moisture or Terressentials?
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    That hair masque is very moisturizing to me and I dont see it as being a cleanser. The clay it in is far down in the list if im not mistaken

    The Terressentials has fewer ingredients and bentonite clay is higher up

    When i used Kaoilin clay straight up my hair was silky like versus the bentonite clay.

    The bentonite clay cleans my hair and leaves its fluffy.
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    I ordered the lavender garden and left coast lemon from terressentials. Ot didn't take long fit the shipping. It really is a great shampoo to detox your hair and lift what had built up on it. I definitely noticed my hair was different. Lighter, curlier, coilier and easy to move bouncy. I did the full detox except got the first two days I left it sit on my hair for about 2.5 hrs or more. Ever since using it my hair coils with a spritz of water. Def like lavender garden better than left coast lemon. You can always make a homemade version of it. There is a tutorial video on how to make a knockoff terressentials mud hair wash. That way you can the ingredients locally and not pay for the shipping. Hope that helps.
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