Is this normal?

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My hair was loose zig-zags from my ears forward, and since going CG, I'm getting more ringlets. But the waves on the back of my head were 2b, but now they are 2a.
Are my waves just getting weighed down from something? Or is it because the sulfates made my waves tighter? My hair is quite thick, so I'm thinking it is because of the missing sulfates.


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    The back of the head is a notorious problem area for us curlies (mainly because we can't see it!). The lack of sulfate would not be contributing to this. The kinks and bends you are used to seeing from using sulfate containing products are actually evidence of damaged hair. Hair that is overly dry and ends up looking like fractured zigzags instead of healthy spirals.

    The back of your head could be lacking for a couple of reasons:

    Product application: You said you have thick hair, ensuring even distribution of product is a must. An easy rule of thumb is what ever you do to your hair flipped over, you do again with you head upright. If you're only applying product to your hair upside down, that back area of your hair tends to get hidden.

    Type of Product You could simply be using a product that's too heavy for your hair, lord knows i've run into that problem enough.

    Scrunching Method Very much like the issue of the back of the head being hidden when applying hair product, it is also hidden from your hands when you scrunch.

    Hope some of this helps!
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    Oh wow, that explains a lot! Thank you! I've just noticed that my conditioner and leave-in both have vegetable protein (darn giovanni!), would that affect the back of my head? My curls are normal, not too fine and not too course, but I do have some strands in the back that are course.
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    Consider it might be build-up from lack of sufficient cleansing.

    When I go without a strong enough shampoo, my hair can get quite flat. I am usually 2c-3a and it can go to 2a.

    The problem is exacerbated on my canopy, because that's by default where I tend to put the most styling product. The hair doesn't curl, so I try to add product to enhance curl, but it doesn't get removed fully during washing, which makes it
    even flatter, less responsive to what I'm trying to do. It's a vicious circle.

    Then I get some stronger cleansing happening and the curls spring back up, just like that. This has happened to me countless times. I do try to limit the stronger shampoos because they can be drying, but I still have to use them regularly to avoid build up.
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    Ok, thank you so much for the information!
    Now, could I use baking soda or apple cider vinegar to get rid of the build-up? Or would I have to use a clarifying shampoo?
    I thinking that I might shove these products to my thin, wavy mom and get cg friendly products without the proteins. If so, what would you guys suggest?
  • wild~hairwild~hair Registered Users Posts: 9,890 Curl Neophyte
    You could start with ACV or baking soda. Personally I find ACV doesn't remove build up (although I do like to use it after shampooing to reset the Ph) and baking soda does remove the build up but is way too drying.

    I just use Suave Clarifying. I look for a shampoo with EDTA in it. For me, that's what works, because I not only have product build up but also build up from hard water. You might be fine with just a sulfate shampoo.
  • MNMarxistMNMarxist Registered Users Posts: 109
    wild~hair needs to post a photo of her new doo.

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