Transitioning to eating clean?

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Hello! I eat pretty healthy right now (lots of fruits, veggies and also whole grains) but I also eat a lot of "diet" food and have a major sugar addiction. I really want to transition to "eating clean" (all natural foods), but I feel like I will always "miss" my treats like cookies or even things like weight watchers ice cream bars.
Once you transition to eating clean do you really not miss these things? Do you ever feel full or satisfied? I'm reading Tosca Reno's book right now, "The Eat Clean Diet" and I feel like following her plans I would never feel satisfied, but is that just because I haven't been eating fillling foods this whole time?
Thanks again!
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    I find that when I eat clean my sugar cravings disappear and actually I find that out of habit I pick up the sweets I used to crave. Fruits and nuts helped curve my cravings. When I have the desire for something sweet I either eat fruit or take 3 bites of that sweet item that I'm wanting.

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