I need a stylist in Vienna, Austria

HuptyDumptyHuptyDumpty Posts: 36Registered Users
My hair is in one length and my head seems like a triangle shape. I really need a good haistrylist who knows cutting curly hair and respects it. I need a new hair style to add some more vollume in the top of my hair.
Anyone anything to suggest?


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    Hey Hupty :)

    I live in Vienna too, and i've been also looking for a good stylist who can handle curls here...
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any :( I live here now for about 11 years, and during this time only once found a very competent columbian stylist who knew how to handly my hair - but since she moved away a few years ago i had to start looking out again.

    There is this salon of a brazilian woman in Vienna, she probably should know how to handle curly hair but her homepage is all about brazilian keratin and many other chemical stuff i kind of don't want to go there bc such people tend to always want to convince curlies to go keratin! I'm starting to worry if I ever will find a good and skilled stylist here :(

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    ShoulderLength n ArmPitLength cuts are best n then you can use hot rollers like Remington Hot Rollers from Target or a curling iron n accessories like ponytail clips. I have used Helen Of Troy hot rollers n curling iron

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  • JahlisaJahlisa Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hello, I was wondering if either of you found a stylist who handles curly hair? Particularly cutting it. I'm an American who moved to Vienna about a year ago. I really want a hair cut from a professional as opposed to doing to myself.
  • Jules.DandelJules.Dandel Posts: 1Registered Users
    Best hairstylist: daniel peters straight out of the Caribbean
    Dreadlocks, braids, concrows, weave on, hairstyles for children, fresh caribbean styles, cutting


    Find him on fb: caribbean hair styles or daniel coloringbook peters
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    Hi, I've been in Vienna for over five years and I am still searching for a stylist who can work with curly hair. I recently tried "Joel's Dreamhair" because of some posts on other forums but it was a disaster. He gave me the standard straight-hair haircut that I could have received for much less money at any chain place. If anyone finds someone who treats curls well, please post here!
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    i don't know who is the stylist cutter in austria if you want the best then search on google