Heat damage revert

Hi everyone,

Ive been mod-CG for 2months and now fully CG for a week..

So this is my story,i used to have big 3b hair(sometimes it looked as if it was a mix with 3c )

Ive been straightening my hair since 2008, but i have not been using heat since May. at the beginning my hair would not curl at all just very loose waves.. now it looks more like a 3a type with a few straight ends .. i already cut alot of my hair its shoulder length now(shortest ive ever had my hair) i really dont feel good about myself anymore because it really does not suit my face.
So anyway even though i see more improvement will my hair ever revert to its original state(3b) or do i just have to wait for my new growth? because my roots never been really curly it always started curling a iinch or 2 away from my scalp

So.. tell me will my loose curls ever revert back to 3b now im CG and deep condition it once a week? Should i be more patient or just deal with the fact that i will have to outgrow it?


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    So much depends on your starting point. If your hair was extremely damaged, you may need to wait for new growth. If your hair was just dry but not damaged, then getting more moisture in your hair should help tremendously. Finding the right balance of moisture and protein can be frustrating. Hang in there!
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    Hi Curly Deevah,

    I can tell you that it takes a lot of patience and babying your hair to get it back from heat damage. I am speaking from experience. I straightened my hair every day for the better part of 8 years (I chemically straightened once as well). My hair was 3B (before all that) and after I was done with it it barely curled at all. My hair was damaged to the point that it was thinning and my hair was falling out. I started taking care of my hair last year and cut off all the damage and started with a clean slate. As soon as the damage was cut off and I deep coniditioned regularly (once per week in my case) and found the right products my hair started to go back to what it was. one year and a half later I describe my hair being 3A/B. It does take a while and I feel that if my hair came back and it was extemely damaged IMO than anyone's should. Keep us posted on your progress and hang in there!!
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