Need help removing orange tones.

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I'm naturally a cool, medium shade of blonde. I dyed it golden light brown, which I didn't like. It was too dark and had an orangy tone to it. I then used John Freider go blonder spray to lighten it again. Very, very bright yellow and orange. In my despair I dyed it light ash brown to remove the orange. It lessened the orange, but it's still there at the roots and it's darker than I wanted (its a dirty blonde with an orange hue). I want to go back to medium-light blonde hair with no orange.

Should I a) just try a toner and accept it's darker than I want
b) dye it light ash blonde, and use a toner
c) do nothing

Thank you so much for any help!


  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Be careful. Since this is homemade remedies it may be unpredictable.

    If you want lighter hair, you could try:
    - Lemon juice to lighten hair in the sun.
    - Mix Lemon and olive oil to lessen the drying effects.
    - Look up honey lightening. (LHCF has an interesting thread on it!)
    - Chamomile tea can encourage yellow tones.

    Darken hair:
    - Strong black coffee/tea rinse
    - Sage
    - Rosemary

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