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Lemon in a hair refresher spray?

I bought a small size of the deva-curl Mister Right, but I just can't stomach spending $18 on a bottle of it every time I run out. But I like how the lavender is used as an antibacterial to keep my scalp clean in between washes.

I read about how lemon is a natural acidic so it can clean my hair. Would it work to put lemon juice, water, and some conditioner and use it as a hair refresher? Or would the lemon just dry my hair out? Im hoping to make something that is comparable to Mister Right in its cleaning factor and refreshing factor, but at home instead of buying it.


  • KeihsKeihs Posts: 435Registered Users
    Lemon can refresh hair and dry your hair out if not DILUTED enough. You can also try adding some oil or conditioner to counteract the drying effect. Be careful though, lemon WILL (Ok, last one for emphasis, I promise ;D) lighten hair in the sun.

    If you want to avoid the lemon's drying effects and lightening, you could try other ingredients:
    - Rosewater
    - Diluted essential oils (lavender,rosemary, etc.)
    - Tea
    - Water + Oil to seal
    - Aloe vera juice
    - Honey + water (can lighten hair)
    - Diluted vinegar (adds shine and smooths hair)
    - Glycerin for moisture (careful, works both ways) preferably on humid days.
  • aptekastoreaptekastore Posts: 8Registered Users
    Hello, I used intermittently Klorane shampoo, when I don’t have time to wash my hair. It is easy to use, just spray on hair roots, turn your head upside down, and brush off!
  • loganluke114loganluke114 Posts: 1Registered Users
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