What are your favorite DTs for moisture?

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I've been mod CG since March 2012 and Its been great for my hair. Anyway I have 3a/b/ very fine, pourous in most areas, apl curls. I started at SL curls and am growing out until I can't anymore :) Im also still learning and I love buying products but I can't afford to try too many things. Here's some piks, one with Kitty a while ago and one recent. Couple inches of new growth and the bleach.

I would really like to hear some good moisturizing DT recs, I already have my go- to protein treatment. But having a hard time choosing a DT!

Right now I use : vo5 tea therapy or suave naturals as cowashes. They are really great cowashes for me and im so glad I didn't give in to buying wen.
RO: tresseme naturals moisture
Guarnieri fructis length and strength or renpure luxurious argon oil conditioner

I lo poo once a week with organix argon oil shampoo wich I really like and I buy a tiny 2 dollar bottle to last me 2 weeks maybe 3..

Leave in: Giovanni direct leave in or tresseme naturals.
Just started using loreal sleek serum for frizz and its cg. I guess it kinda helps.
KCCC(love),,, pantene curly hair series mousse, vital care shine gel wich I'm about to ditch..its from the 99 and its cg..

I'm thinking of trying the loreal eversleek masque that's cg because it has argon oil and some others and I can get it easily. I'm looking for a really moisturizing deep treatment that's cg.

For protein treatments I use regular vanilla yogurt or coconut milk and I love the yogurt it brings some bounce back to the parts that just hang there and gives shine. Coconut milk is also a good pt but not as much shine for me as the yogurt. I will never use eggs again.

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