Argan Oil vs. Bioinfusion


I'm new to the site and I am very happy to have found a community devoted to natural curlys such as myself.

I was wondering if anybody could help me out. Maintaining my curls has been a lifelong challenge for me. I finally had to resort to ionic straightening treatment to tame my hair. My hair reverts back to waves when it gets wets but the texture has softened up considerably. From bouncy, coiled curls to 'S' shaped long waves. I love swimming. Salt water and chlorine exposure cause great damage to my hair. It always dries up looking like a rat's nest after swimming; frizzy, brittle, dry, rough to the touch and difficult to untangle. Not to mention, my hair is dyed red and the salt strips the color completely to the point where it looks brown.

When I straighten it out it looks healthy and soft but when I leave it natural, that's a different story. I would love to be able to swim/leave it natural and have my curls come out sexy and vibrant.

I tried 'One and Only' Argan Oil Curl Cream and it yielded ok results (Prior to that I used Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask, but it really didn't do anything for me) so I decided to give the Argan Oil products a try.

I was warned not to use the Argan Oil Hair Mask because it would strip my hair color. Keeping the integrity of my bright red dye is just as important as keeping it looking healthy. Now, I also found the Bioinfusion new formula product line for color treated hair. Is it wise to try both lines at once? If so, which products are better to use? Which line is better?

Some factors to consider:

. I blow dry it and iron it about 3 times a month.
. Prone to get very dry in its natural state.

Can anybody help me with tips for after swimming care? Thanks :)

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