Hair hasn't grown in 4 years!!!

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So, I cut my 3b/3c hair that was maybe 2-3 inches below my shoulders to a just above the shoulder look in middle school. Now that I'm a junior in high school, my hair is still the same length!! I don't color my hair, I don't use heat styling tools, I don't use sulfates or silicones, I deep condition, I exercise regularly, eat pretty healty, trim my hair when it needs it, and I'm addicted to water. I don't know why I'm having this problem when I'm doing everything that people say to do to grow out hair. I've tried a hair and nail vitamin that has biotin in it, but it has done nothing for my hair. I REALLY need help! I just want hair long enough to do a side braid, so maybe 4 inches below my shoulder(but preferbly more!). Any suggestions?
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    How often are you trimming and how much do you take off?

    Hair stylists often tell you you need to trim a lot. I never experienced much hair growth until I quit listening to their advice. Now I trim 1/2" about every 4 months. It's enough to keep my hair healthy and allow for some noticeable growth. I've gone from shoulder to waist since I joined here in May of 2009.
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    also know that every body has a hair growth limit. my hair stopped growing for two years when i tried to grow it out. mine slows down right at shoulder lenth but then i cut it off and treated my hair right, its been growing amazing
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    id go to the docter, really
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    I think I heard that you reach your hair's terminal length when it stops growing.. But I might be wrong
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    That's how mine was but I think its because I had a lot of breakage. Do you wear your hair up in a ponytail or bun like every single day?
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    i doubt its the terminal length.. it could be breakage or maybe even the trims like someone else said
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    I have a similar issue, however, mine is due to breakage. Because of work, I have to wear my hair up in a bun every single day. I didn't realize it wasn't growing due to breakage until it was a little too late and a noticeable amount of hair had already broken off, but since then I have been trying extra hard to combat breakage. My hair has currently grown two inches past shoulder length since my whole breakage fiasco. I agree with the user who mentioned trims as well. I feel as if constant trims are stunting me....I may cut back to every 4 or 5 months and see if that makes a difference....

    Good luck, jcfrizzle! Keep us updated! :D
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    If your hair wasn't growing, you probably wouldn't have much left. Most of it would have fallen out by now, and not been replaced

    Must be some other issue.
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    It probably is length retention issues because I was shoulder length for 3 years.I was convinced it wasn't growing eventhough I got constant trims so I dyed it.And sure enough my hair was growing but the ends were being cut at the same rate.I guess hair dressers assume I wanted to stay the same length.