barrette like duckbill clips?

I'm new to CG and sometimes I want to clip my hair away from my face but the touching I seem to need to do with any real type of barrette or even bobby pin messes up my curls - but a slippery silver duckbill clip works perfectly - but is ugly (so I only do it in the house or car). Do they make pretty-looking plain brown barettes that work just like duckbill clips - easy to slip in and take off without messing up my hair?


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    I've seen some, though i can't remember the places! But you can get ribbon and either put a bow on the top part of the duckbill clip or wrap it around the top part. Hope this helps!
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    Have you tried a small jaw or claw clip?
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    this is like duckbill clip but rounded top makes it look better.
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    I use these sectioning clips to clip up the sides
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    I have seen some decorated small clips in the craft section of WalMart, and some clips for decorating there as well. Usually with the ribbons.
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