ACV as shampoo?

Hey all, I'm a complete n00b looking to go no-poo...

I see a lot of people have good results with using baking soda and ACV, but I color my hair red (once every four months at the salon, about once a month at home with semi-permanent dye) and I really don't want to use the baking soda because it'll just strip out all my color.

I'm hesitant about going straight into co-washing since my hair tends to get SUPER greasy after just one day... I know part of this is because I shampoo almost every day, but I also used to have really oily skin, too. I tried the CG method a year or so ago and gave up pretty quickly because my hair was a disgusting oily mess. So I definitely need some sort of "shampoo".

That being said, I've read a couple things online about using ACV as shampoo... same idea as co-washing, but with a diluted ACV mixture... then conditioning as usual after rinsing it out.

Has anyone here tried something like this? What were your results?


  • shortdddorkshortdddork Registered Users Posts: 8
    Also, is it bad to use a dry shampoo while attempting to go no-poo? I feel like I'm going to need at least SOMETHING to mop up the oil during the transition period, but Idk if that'll mess up the transition-period entirely?
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    I wouldn't use it as shampoo because it closes the cuticle, allowing not much of the moisture from conditioner to be absorbed. Plus, ACVs, in my experience, never really helped too much with build-up. If you need to shampoo, dry shampoo probably is fine, I'm guessing! However, maybe you could just try a sulfate-free shampoo a few times a week or so would work.

    This looks like a good option for dry shampooing, though :)
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  • shortdddorkshortdddork Registered Users Posts: 8
    Oh, I read somewhere that it helps remove some oily buildup, but it makes sense that it wouldn't help much since it's a cuticle-closer.

    So should I just co-wash every day and use a dry-poo when I get too oily?
  • UhLeashUhUhLeashUh Registered Users Posts: 25
    I am also a newbie. But here's my opinion. I agree with Dresdendoll, maybe you should try a sulfate free/silicone free shampoo once a week at least? It may help. And try a light conditioner for daily co-washing. That's what I do and I sometimes get some product build up, but I think that's because my styling products aren't 100% silicone free. Hope that helps!
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    I do a weekly ACV rinse both to clarify and to remove and mineral deposits from my local hard water. I think it does a good job for that, and it calms any scalp itch I might have as well. I wouldn't personally use it as a shampoo or in place of cowashing, but I don't generally have greasy scalp issues either.

    I do cowash about 3 times a week, and one of those days I also ACV rinse. That day I cowash, ACV rinse, then apply my rinse out conditioner, rinse, and proceed with the rest of my routine normally. Some prefer the ACV rinse as a final rinse after their rinse out conditioner.

    I haven't felt the need for a low poo, but I don't use non water soluble cones, and my hair does best when I limit water soluble cones (one product with a cone in it at a time). Sure, try incorporating an ACV rinse into your routine, you may love the results. Just be prepared to require a low poo as well.
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  • shortdddorkshortdddork Registered Users Posts: 8
    Hmm thanks everyone! I've actually marked all my products with cones with an "X" in sharpie so I know to avoid them, haha. I'll try incorporating the ACV, but not relying on it as a shampoo substitute.

    Before attempting no-poo, I'd been using Ion Color Defense Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Would this be okay for a once-a-week shampoo?
    It DOES have "Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoamate" though... I know the PEG means water-soluble... but it's before the "meadowfoamate" not the "dimethicone"... I might be splitting hairs here (ha ha) but I just want to make sure I get the most out this
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435
    I heard that ACV doesn't clarify but seals hair. I think diluted ACV would be good as a final rinse for shine or for detangling and smoothing down hair. If you have trouble with oily hair, some people make homemade dry shampoo to soak up the oil.
    - Cornstarch or baby powder for light hair
    - Cinnamon for dark hair (might lighten hair and/or add a red tint)

    Then brush them out.
    Or you could try a sulfate-free shampoo which makes the dye last longer than a sulfate one but cleans. Or low poo, by cowashing sometimes then using sulfate free shampoos other times.
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435
    Btw, acv can add a red tint and enhance your red hair.

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