Nervous about disappointment

So I recently had great success with AIA Curling Jelly (it made my hair a definite 2c as opposed to my usual mix of 2b/2c and gave me lovely 2nd day hair), but those great results have made me somewhat nervous that it won't happen again or at least will give me inconsistent results. Has that happened to anyone else and if so, did you find out you were worried for nothing or were your suspicions confirmed when you tried that product again and the results didn't match up?
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    I definitely feel that my hair is in a plane of existence known as "the land of irreproducible results". I don't think I have gotten the same results twice from anything. Every time I have had an "ahaa" moment, it has fizzled into a "not again" moment the next day. At least, as I continue with this journey, most days are at least presentable with a few awesome days just to keep things interesting and fewer and fewer "Oh, no, I can't let anyone see me like THIS" days all the time.
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    Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning. :happy6:
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    +1 for sure
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    Ha! Only every single day! I have a moment of hair anxiety every morning when I decide on the day's products. I never get the same results two days in a row...still looking for that magic combination that gives me consistent results. Oh well, keeps it interesting.
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    I think most of us struggle with this. What works great one day flops the next. We attribute it to different dew points, the stars, the planets, hormones - anything. It is the great frustration of being a curly.
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    The only consistency I have day to day is inconsistency. Two days ago got nice results with SSCEJ and FHG. Tried it again today and used a bit more product + diffused less in hopes of less frizz. Got a little less frizz but lacked overall volume and a bit producty. So who knows...

    Not only is there the disappointment of irreproducible results but the let down when you try a supposedly fantastic new product and the results (rarely) match up to the fantasy.

    Then the doubts - did I use too much, too little, is it build-up, do I need a PT, a DT, am I overconditioned? Lol. I feel like I could be a newbie at all this for years....

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    Still looking for dependable combos.
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    I'm so glad it's not just me. I have products that work because my hair feels good but when I do the exact same thing every day and have a different outcome I tend to wonder. Today is day 2 hair. Looks great. I'm thinking if the moon doesn't line up with the sun at 1 am day 3 will be a ball of fuzz. HELP !!
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    Chicklet7 wrote: »
    I'm so glad it's not just me. I have products that work because my hair feels good but when I do the exact same thing every day and have a different outcome I tend to wonder. Today is day 2 hair. Looks great. I'm thinking if the moon doesn't line up with the sun at 1 am day 3 will be a ball of fuzz. HELP !!

    Oh, ladies, don't put so much pressure on yourself or your hair. Kimmidawn's locks are stunning (love the color) and I'm sure (even without a screenshot) that yours are gorgeous as well. I think maybe this site and most definitely this forum give people the tendency to get a little hair crazy. People will post pictures of their hair under the heading of "Styling Emergency" and "this coil is not curling right!" and I'm just looking at the screen scratching my head. "It looks great" I think. "What are they so worried about?" People are really so dead set on perfection when all we can be sure of is, like raindear said, more predictable results overall. I think unpredictability in and of itself is one of curly hair's most charming attributes. It can be a pain in the ass, too, I know and I'm not denying that, but isn't there also an air of excitement? It's only been a short while for me but I've learned to just go with it. My hair is 3A in general (80% of the time) but can switch to 2C or 3B depending on the day? weather? product? Who knows what's going on there? On New Years Eve my curls were so tight it looked as though I'd gotten a hair cut. Made for nice pictures. Today I'm sporting longer almost beach curls/waves (second day hair) and it's really pretty too. I like that I can make them swish when I toss my hair back. I also like that it looks a good two inches longer than yesterday. Change is good. It's fun. Since I have several stylers I've decided to try using different product combinations throughout the week. Mix it up a little. I've noticed that different combinations give me tighter or looser curls. It's not always 100% accurate and I can't replicate results to a T (I can't custom order my hair everyday), but whatever the combination of products and weather might give me is a million times more attractive than what I used to get before when I was ill informed about product ingredients and using whatever was at hand. The point is I like to count my blessings. The most reassuring thing for me is simply knowing that my hair is healthy, shiny and, yes, curly since I'm no longer trying to force it to be anything that it isn't. Just love your hair and and I'm sure it'll love you back. :love5::cheers:

    But I am going to go get that As I Am jelly now. I love the co-wash and I'm mighty curious. It didn't flake on you, kimmi?
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    I've only recently found a somewhat consistent winter routine that is yielding somewhat reliable results.

    That being said - I still have bad hair days sometimes! Lol!

    Curly hair is just temperamental, I think.
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