Hi Im new to the site, My name is Bonnie and im a 3c/4a afro-boofy-frizzy haired girl. Im 28 and never known how to care for my curls, growing up my mum would hack my curls off ABOVE MY EARS! i looked ridiculous and hated my curls because of it, even though everyone i meet compliments me on my curls ive just never loved them and i want that to change!
Im so scared of hair salons from bad bad experiences that i havent had a cut or trim in over 2 yrs!! Its thick and hard to handle so im only washing it like 1 or 2 times a week because combing is painful and i lose a whole bunch of hair (malting?).
I really need help!
I live south of sydney nsw Australia and need a curl-safe salon if anyone knows of one,
id like to know the best shampoo/conditioner for my hair, best products for styling as ive only ever used supermarket brands which leave my hair crunchy and hard :(
Im really at a loss with my hair and since wishing for straight hair hasnt worked ive decided to try & embrace them! Please help, any info is great
TIA, Bonnie:p


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    Welcome, BonnieBoofyCurl! I can't give you salon recommendations but I can share some other info with you. Many of us found this site out of desperation and frustration with our curls. It can seem overwhelming at first but I assure you that with reading and experimentation, you'll start to love your curls. Read as much as you can here - there's a wealth of great info. This is a good place to begin:
    Just a few bullet points from your post -
    - a good trim can make a huge difference
    - there are lots of drug store brands that work well for us curlies, maybe someone from Australia can speak to what's available.
    - shedding hair is normal! We typically lose 100+ hairs a day. Straight hair slides out easily and it isn't noticed much when one hair is on the couch and another in the car, etc. throughout the day. Our hair gets caught up in our coils and can't slide out without coaxing. We tend to find it all at once in the shower drain after combing with conditioner.
    Hang in there! Read, read then read some more. It will all come together!
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    Welcome, Bonnie! We're happy to have you here with us.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!