Need hair cut advice

kekamariekekamarie Registered Users Posts: 8
I need to do something about my hair and was wondering if maybe a good hair cut would help. My hair is type 2a/b hair. I was wondering what a good hair cut would be to make my hair thinner and less frizzy? Right now my hair rests at the top of my back, so how short should I get it cut?

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • freeandcurlyfreeandcurly Registered Users Posts: 64
    I'm getting a haircut today as well. I posted a thread in the general forum but I didn't receive any responses so I took matters in my own hands and scoured the internet last night. So, now I think I should ask for a 'V' cut and I always get layers but I usually just ask for the layers that will make my hair seem thinner because it is super thick and layers that are not TOO short. My hair is bsl but if I was brave enough I would get mine cut to the bottom of my chin when dry. I've seen some really cute cuts like that but I'm going to a new stylist so I'll see how I like her before such a drastic change. I did find a lot of pictures by googling "curly tumblr"..don't ask :)

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