I've been CG for about a week and I've been seeing more frizz than I had before I was CG. Whenever I detangle in the shower my hair always feels dry in the canopy towards the back. I try to laden it with more conditioner but it doesn't help. Then when I try to style it, it is still dry and frizzes up when it dries


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    -completely. Please help!!!
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    Did you clarify before starting? What products are you using? You may have build-up of some kind. What are your hair properties? My hair is fine and for me, it's all about a balance between moisture and protein. When my hair does what you're describing, it's usually a protein issue - either too much or not enough. Too much protein and my hair feels dry, no matter how much moisture I try to get into it. Too little protein and my hair is limp and frizzy. Many curlies with coarse hair or hair with low porosity will have a bad reaction to using protein. Check your products and the ingredients.
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    Thanks for responding!! I have fine hair with normal porosity. I use organix ever straight shampoo, tresseme naturals conditioner, and for styling I use iso bouncy creme, KKSS, and garnier fructis curl scrunch gel.