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I have been transitioning for about 5 or 6 months n I guess this is the hard part people talk about idk what to do with my hair I've tried Bantu knots and flexi rods set n twist out n braid out n they all failed! I love the curls that are forming but these straight ends are super annoying! :(
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    Hey I'm going on 17 months this week. Try some braid/twist n curl. You braid or twist hair then put rollers on the end. Senegalese twists are nice and for the colder months you can wig it. Good luck!

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    Thanks but the twist take my hair out n I have tried twist outs n braid outs n they don't come looking the way I pictured I think ill just put some plaits in my hair n leave it in for about a month thanks for the advice! :)

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    Have u tried straw, flexirod, or curlformer sets? IMO, these r the answer because the curls r consistent--no fighting with multiple textures. You can pin curl or Bantu knot at night to maintain the curls. I am 30 months transitioning on Sunday and I have had a smooth transition. HTH

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    My transition is also smooth its just me finding the right products to use So my curl can come out right flexi rods tried 3 times didn't come out too good Bantu knot out came out like a fro lol n my twist out came out alright I just have to keep experimenting

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    That's how I feel. Braid outs/twist outs just don't work for me. It did work ONCE in my earlier transitioning months, but, as my new growth got longer, all my attempts were fails. And I blame the straight ends! I'm really getting frustrated with these straight ends.

    I haven't tried flexirods or bantu knots yet though. Maybe I will next time.

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    You might find some cute transitioning hairstyles here.

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    I really need help. I'm in my 3rd-4th month in transition. My hair is about a 4a type. I wash once a week, and try to do hot oil treatments with each wash. I do have done mostly all transitional styles, and they come out awesome. The only problem is, I just noticed my hair is getting really thin. With each wash, I have clumps of hair falling out. I've been using Cream of Nature products, but noticed the product isn't as good as it used to be. Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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    Hello all, I am new to transitioning myself...The styles that seem to work best for me is the rod sets...would like to find more styles. any suggestions?:p
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    I fully understand lol. I transitioned for 7 months to the day and when I woke up I just looked in the mirror and grabbed my scissors. I don't know what it is about that 6 month mark but you start itching to be done with the whole thing and....well, I don't know lol. But I would say to just get some kinky twists or something like that. The less you have to look at it the less prone you are to make drastic decisions. And, tho I don't regret mine in the least - it was really scary when i saw how short it was and realizing i had even less hair to work with than i did originally.
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    I'm having trouble with frizz and dryness Especially when I wear my hair in a bun
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