Need help with waxy/oily buildup

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Hi all!

So I started doing the no 'poo method back in March, and for about 3 weeks did the baking soda/ACV routine, and I loved how defined my curls were, until I started getting really waxy looking hair and my friends were begging me to wash my hair. It was to the point where I would sleep in a shower cap because my hair felt disgusting and I couldn't deal with the transition period anymore.

I then switched over to a shampoo/conditioner bar by Soapworks and was really liking the results with that, but experienced some frizz, so I started using Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner (a fellow CG recommended that), and I would alternate between the Soapworks bar and a peppermint & jojoba bar by J.R. Liggett and still used the conditioner.

Initially, I was losing a lot less hair (I was losing quite a bit of hair) but lately, I am losing more hair again, and the past few weeks, I've developed some dandruff or mild psoriasis on my scalp, as well as the feeling of the oily/waxy buildup again.

I went back to the BS/ACV today when I washed, and the curls look great again, but my hair feels gross. And when I straighten it once in a while, that's when you can really feel all of the buildup, but I'm not using any products except what I wash and condition my hair with!

Anyone have any recommendations? I'm so close to going back to traditional shampoo just so my hair doesn't feel so oily and gunky! I have also tried doing conditioner only and that was a hot mess as my hair never really rinsed it all out, and if I try water only in between washes (I wash every 2-3 days), it's nothing but oily/greasy and I need to wear a hat :(

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

PS-I am a 3A/3B with hair a little below my shoulders


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    Use the baking soda and ACV rinse to remove buildup
    why don't you try using baking soda to remove buildup and then co-wash afterward (rinse out with cold water), and then see how that works. You could also try rinsing the conditioner out with ACV.
    If that doesn't work make sure your not applying your conditioner at the roots but from the ears down.
    Hope this helps in some way C:
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    For my hair, I can't go completely without shampoo, some people just can't. You could try a low-poo once a week or once a month and see if that helps. When you co-wash are you scrubbing for, at least, 2-3 minutes? I have to scrub for a very long time to avoid build-up.
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    Maybe you have hard water.. I heard hard water can affect how products works, leave build up, and make products and soap harder to rinse out. I think some people add a filter or shower head or something.. Also maybe try using different water source like distilled or bottled water.. Or you could use the bs/acv, but low poo occasionally just to get rid of build up.

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