Hair is starting to go thin/not curling as much as it used to.

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So I was born is wavy-curly hair (I had my Mum take a look at the categories and she estimated that my hair was 2B - Wavy Curvy), though sometimes I used to get little cute ringlets that would bounce. :P
Since late spring or summer, my hair hasn't been as curly like it used to. My hairdresser pointed this out to me last month and it's been bothering me for a while, so I was wondering if I could get help in making it curlier again. It seems to leaning towards 2A or the like (I'll try to post pictures if I can). Also my hair tends to frizz really easily. >.<

Hair History: Until 2010, I never did anything extreme to my hair, never wanted to. But when my Grade 12 Graduation was coming up, I decided I wanted to try doing something actually different with my hair. So on the day of my Graduation I had my hairdresser give a side-swept fringe (bangs), because I've always wanted to have a fringe. I still have them.
- Last year(ish), I decided to cut my hair shorter for the first time. My hair used to be almost hip-length, but I had it cut to my shoulder-blades.
- During late March/early April, I decided to have my hair professionally dyed red (natural hair colour is light brown with gold highlights), because I've always been a huge fan of red hair and this was around the time when the game "Mass Effect 3" was being released, so I kind of wanted to celebrate it by dying it the same colour as Female Shepard. I haven't dyed it since then.

Hair Routine: I try to have a shower every 2 days. Our family tries not to use expensive products, so the shampoo and conditioner I use is "Head and Shoulders" (my Dad and I tend to have itchy scalp). When I'm out of the shower, I then use a product called "Pureology: Antifade Complex" leave-in conditioner and scrunch the bottom of my hair. Then I take a very small straightening-iron to straighten out my fringe. I don't straighten anything else.

Thank you. :D


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    Bump . . . :3
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    any thyroid issues>? My hair has gotten thinner and lost some of its curl due to a thyroid issue!
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    So I tried two different ways to kind of help curl my hair more - I've been using a pik comb when I use conditioner. Instead of just wrapping my hair with a towel, I've taken the towel and dried my hair by bunching some of hair into the towel and squeezing it gently.

    This has improved my hair's curliness by a lot, along with using a new product for my hair called KMS California - Curlup Curling Balm.

    @connemara22: No I don't think I have anything like that. xD

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