Should I cut the straight ends off or wait?

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So I've never chemically straightened my hair but for about 8 months I've been straightening my hair. 3 months of that time I've been using a flat iron.. The rest of the times I was using a hot comb (well, it wasn't me.. I was getting it done at a salon) and I was getting it straightened once a month but don't ever remember her putting any type of heat protectant on my hair. One day I just felt like wearing my curls the rest of the week but when I washed my hair some of my ends were dead straight and the rest was loose curls (about 3a type). So i decided to go on the CG method to get my curls back. I'm about 3 weeks into this method and I see a big change, my curls are curling up a bit more but my straight ends are still dead straight (which is most of my head). I don't know if I should just cut the straight ends off or just wait and see if they will curl up and because I wash my hair every 2 days and always do wash n go's it looks uneven. What do you guys recommend?


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    I have straight ends, too. Curious.
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    I suffer from the same problem. I'm a natural straightner myself and no matter how many times I clip my ends, I still have straight ends from the flat iron.

    Now I 'think' you may be able to revert using a good protein treatment, but you would've had to have used it shortly after your hair became straight.

    I think it's too late at this point, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    If it doesn't, just clip your ends and start using heat protectant OR just wear your hair natural.
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    I think the curly girl method has really helped my hair, my curls are starting to come back and even though i still have a few straight strands around, it isn't as much as I had before.