Frizzy when wet with leave in and gel on

So today i styled my hair with paul mitchell the conditioner generic brand, coconut oil and ampro clear ice gel. No matter how much gel the hair kept bring frizzy and dried extremly dry and frizzy obviously lol. What u guys think happened?

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    I think that conditioner you are using has silicones, so that might be the culprit. I notice when my hair gets super frizzy and dry, I have usually used too much protein, had not enough moisture, or have simply used a conditioner that doesn't work well. Sometimes, though, gel can make hair really frizzy. and I see the ampro has a lot of protein. Maybe switching conditioners (I heard GVP Conditioning Balm is moisturizing!) and using a creamier, protein-free styler would help?

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    My hair doesn't like to be styled with coconut oil, actually. I love it as a conditioning treatment and do that once a week or so, then rinse it out, but when I try to put it on my hair for styling, it looks GREAT at first... And within half an hour I have the worst case of frizzy flyaways imaginable. I'll be trying it again once I've found a good protein treatment, but in the meantime I've had to stay well clear. I wouldn't say it makes my hair seem dry, though. It looks moisturised enough, it just gives me a horrible puff of flyaways all over the place. Weird.