What hair type am I?

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Hi, I have just recently joined and am confused on what my hair type is. The hair in the back of my head is more wave than curly but my bangs and the hair framing my face are loose curls. My hair is really frizzy and my hair grows out of the scalp wavy and as it gets longer it curls


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    Can't see your photos, sorry! :sad1:
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    CurlyJulia wrote: »
    Can't see your photos, sorry! :sad1:

    Sorry:( for some reason the pictures aren't working.
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    I can't see the photos, either, but it sounds just like my hair. Wavy in back and flat roots. I'm a 2c with some 3a spirals. Here's a thread containing some pics of my hair, if you want to compare: :)
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