What does successful CG hair feel like?

I know it varies depending on texture, curl, product, etc., but to YOU, what does well done CG hair feel like to the touch? Is it soft, hold shape, does it leave a slight 'conditionery' feeling in your hand? Is it slick when dry? Does CG hair feel heavier or lighter than it did 'before' you CG?


  • hambo02hambo02 Posts: 480Registered Users
    it doesnt feel dry and frizzy and it's super soft. You just kinda know then what your hair was before.
  • earthnutsearthnuts Posts: 39Registered Users
    I wouldn't describe it as soft, just normal... If my hair is super soft, it's also quite frizzy.
    It holds its shape and curl clumps, pretty much, though the curl clumps change from day to day.
    It is not squeaky clean and dry, it's silky and a little slick.
    It feels supple, perhaps leaving a very slight oily feeling on your hand, similar to stroking healthy skin.
    It feels heavier than pre CG.
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    I've been CG for only about 3 mos. but my hair has grown about 3 inches so it feels longer! And much more moisturized.
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