Considering going CG but can I ever straighten again?

AQTmamaAQTmama Posts: 1Registered Users
I'm considering going all curly (I'm a 2A) - getting rid of all the sulfates and silicones - but does this mean never straightening? Is it possible to straighten once every month or two - maybe use a silicone product and then, when ready to wash again, wash out with a sulfate product, then go back to all the sulfate and silicone free products? Will I lose all progress with this occasional deviation?

Totally new here, and to this whole concept - any help would be deeply appreciated!


  • headofcurls23headofcurls23 Posts: 8Registered Users
    I'm pretty sure you can straighten occasionally, I've done it a few times but once you wash your hair it takes a while to get back to the curly hair that you want, you kind of have a little more frizz than what you started out with before you straightened your hair