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got them!


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    jmckenzie wrote: »
    I am looking for Marie Dean shea cocoa moisturizing hair lotion and coconut detangler. I only have a couple things available for swap so I can purchase as well!

    I have:

    Marie Dean 4oz. Peaches and Cream soft curl cream in vanilla scent
    Marie Dean sample of Seaweed and Rice deep conditioner
    Donna marie curling cream and leave in

    Girl I could have sent you the coconut detangler today when I sent your Aloe Cream! It was on my list. It's 1.5 to 2 ounces.

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  • jmckenziejmckenzie Posts: 26Registered Users I was just on her website yesterday and thought that these products might work better than some of the ones I already purchased so I wasn't looking for it until after I arranged the purchase with you.

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