Should I cut my hair?

I've never had long hair in my life - the length of my hair has always ranged from the bottom of my ears to around shoulder length. I want to grow my hair long to see what it looks like but I'm getting bored and I really don't like the length it's at now. I want to know whether I should cut it or not because I don't want to grow it long only to find that I've wasted my time and it looks bad! If you have the time, take a look at my pics and tell me what you think! Thanks :)
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  • waviecurliewaviecurlie Registered Users Posts: 5
    Well I think that with hair like yours it will look great any way you want it. I am curious by nature, so if it were me I'd grow it out just to see :) But as you know, your hair is AWESOME the way it is, so my guess is you can't lose!
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  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    I love your perfect little ringlets -- I'm curious to see what they would look like longer.
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  • boticelichicboticelichic Registered Users Posts: 4
    I love your hair cut in the September pics! I think it looks adorable on you... you def. can wear medium length hair nicely. Although I bet longer would like nice, I think the above-shoulder length is very flattering... you seem to have small features and I think too much hair would weigh them down. Im sure anything would look great though! :)
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  • RustyRusty Registered Users Posts: 1
    hmmm as you get older its generally harder to get away with longer hair so id try growing it now,thought it does look nice as it is :)

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  • ChelleChelle Registered Users Posts: 131
    I am normally a "grow you hair longer" type of girl but I love your hair above the shoulders. I would be curious to see it longer but.....I really think it flatters you shorter. You have the most awesome curls and you have to turn some heads :D You are very pretty :D I say cut it, especially if you are getting tired of waiting for it to grow. My curls are not nearly as tight as yours and it still takes forever to grow considering shrinkage and all.

    I can feel myself wanting to perm my hair again.

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  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    Thanks for the compliments everyone. I really would like to see what my hair looks like long and judging by the votes I should keep growing it. So I'll make a promise not to cut it for 6 months to see how it's going - after that I can think about whether or not I want to cut it! I'm just trying to figure out a style that will flatter my face though cuz I've got a chubbyish face and funny nose :(!
  • rubyloxxrubyloxx Registered Users Posts: 89 Curl Connoisseur
    yes I like the length in the September pictures as well.
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  • StrawberiCurlsStrawberiCurls Registered Users Posts: 424
    Lalala, I LOVE your hair at the length it is now. Your bangs really suit you too. I wish I could pull off some little bangs! Anyway, I say grow it, corkscrew curls always look awesome long! :wink:
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  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Registered Users Posts: 10,573 Curl Connoisseur
    "Almost" hair twin, you know I love the Sept 03 cut! :) It really does flatter your pretty features. But if you want to try growing for a while, go for it! You already know how it looks short (Great!), so why not try it longer? If you get fed up or you don't like it when it's long, you know you can go back to the shorter style and still look great. :) Besides, you can keep some layers around the front to frame your face as it grows.
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  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    Curlilocks - are you keeping your hair that length or planning to grow it longer?
  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Registered Users Posts: 10,573 Curl Connoisseur
    lalala wrote:
    Curlilocks - are you keeping your hair that length or planning to grow it longer?
    I've had it longer in the past. It was bum length as a child, and since then has gotten shorter. Actually, I grew it all out again after I got married and moved to Germany the first time. I couldn't find a good stylist, so I let it grow and only had the ends trimmed. I have a pic somewhere, but it wasn't pretty! I looked like walking hair-- it totally over-powered me (I'm petite). I actually have let it grow just a bit, but I don't plan to let it get much longer than shoulder length again. My curls get too weighed down when my hair is long, it's very heavy then.

    Here are some older pics of me:
    March 1998 was after I moved back to the States and cut it. But you can see how the curl is more pulled out. You can also see my 1992 pic before I knew as much about encouraging the curls. :)

    Anyway, I'll stick with the shorter hair. It's easier to manage, uses less product, and dries much faster! :D And if I can find someone to cut my hair like it was in Germany (like your Sept cut), then I'll stick with that!
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  • untamedcurlzuntamedcurlz Registered Users Posts: 36
    lalala, i think your hair looks beautiful in the sept. pics....You should keep it shoulder length...

    Just my 2 cents. :)
  • shorty448shorty448 Registered Users Posts: 52
    I think your hair would look beautiful regardless of what you do. I even like the no product pictures. I wish mine would look like that w/o products. I think you should continue growing it, but if you want to cut it or maintain its current length go ahead and do it.
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  • CortniCortni Registered Users Posts: 19
    I voted that you should not cut your hair, but only because you said you wanted long hair. It looks really good at shoulder length and the length it's at now. About a month and a half ago I was at this weird a little past shoulders length, and I wanted to chop off my hair. Instead I just trimmed it up a little, and now I like the length it's at. So maybe just give it a month or so, then decide.
  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    I'm confused :(
    I was in the kitchen today talking to my housemates and playing with my hair. I was holding a bit of it up so it looked short on one side and all of a sudden my housemate says "You know you'd look good if you cut your hair to that length"! I never told her that I was thinking of cutting my hair ...
    I do think that the length is weighing it down though. My hair is very flat.
    Anyway ignore my hair .. pretend I have straight hair even. I'm not worried about what length will make my curls look nice, I just want to know what length would suit my face really...
    Thanks again everyone :)
  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Registered Users Posts: 10,573 Curl Connoisseur
    lalala wrote:
    ... I'm not worried about what length will make my curls look nice, I just want to know what length would suit my face really...
    In that case, keep it at the length of your Sept 03 picture! :D I think that length brings out your pretty features the best of all the pictures. :) So, cut it! :D
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  • Aya9877Aya9877 Registered Users Posts: 97
    I also really love the Sept 03 picture. Your hair is simply amazing! Such perfect shiny ringlets. I am in the exact same boat as you. I am really trying to grow my hair out right now, and want to see it get a few inches longer, but I really want something stylish. There is a pic in my profile of the cut I want (thanks to midnitecurls for letting me use her picture LOL), but if I cut it I know it will take forever to grow back if I don't like it. I think the shorter hair makes me look older, which I wouldn't mind, and is just so fun.

    Lalala, I say stick with the Sept length, its very flattering and still stylish.
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  • SkyeSkye Registered Users Posts: 1
    I just adore your Sept cut, and love how you pulled out a bit of bangs in your May was a sexy look! :) You are very cute and perky, and both of those cuts suit you. I think longer hair might subdue the perky look, though, which is a look you wear quite well. JMHO. ;)
  • souds1souds1 Registered Users Posts: 32
    You have such pretty curls...let it grow, let it grow!!!!
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  • ordinarygirlordinarygirl Registered Users Posts: 4
    My hair is similar to yours. When I straighten my hair out it is also to my bra strap. My hair is just now starting to show lenght when curly. Before it would also shrink to my shoulder. Now that it is longer my curls hang longer. My hair is very fine/thin 3ish.
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  • JustanothercurlJustanothercurl Registered Users Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    I think your September photo looks perfect! I'd keep it that length. :lol:
    3A on CG since 11/1/03...
  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    Whoa .. 20 votes for keep growing , and only 5 for cutting! I've been asking friends and all my male ones say not to cut it .. I think I'll grow it for a few months again then cut it to the september length since that was the popular one!. Maybe it just looks bad now because it's in a weird inbetween length. Thanks for helping everyone.
  • curlykewcurlykew Registered Users Posts: 1

    Don't cut your hair!!! Keep it mid length or longer. I was growing out a midlength cut and suddenly decided to chop it off in September. Boy did I regret it. :cry:
  • aladyfortyaladyforty Registered Users Posts: 10
    Id have to go with the length in the september photo. It looked very cute and the curls are gorgeous.
    3 to 3A, a mess of layers of different lengths, I just want to get it looking good at whatever length.
  • leenieleenie Registered Users Posts: 194
    I personally think shorter hair is much more stylish. Your hair looks great in your September pictures (like others have said), and it's very flattering at that length. I'm not sure how to vote, but I'd vote for shorter.
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  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    My hair seems to have shrunk anyway, and is now back at the September length! :lol:
    I think I'm going to try growing it for a while longer. If I cut it I wanted it to be a bit shorter than shoulder length, for a change.
  • curlyarcacurlyarca Registered Users Posts: 8,449 Curl Connoisseur
    you have beautiful hair! thanks for sharing. :)

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  • L'n-zL'n-z Registered Users Posts: 208
    I vote for short. I love your hair and I think the curls would look lovely long, but I think short hair would look more flattering with your face shape.

    Thanks for sharing! You're beautiful. :D
  • RainRain Registered Users Posts: 217 Curl Neophyte
    I'm growing my hair out to see how long it gets and it's currently at the top of my hipbones. I never seem to be able to get past this length because I go too long between trims and need to cut off several inches of crunchy hair at once. I totally understand wanting to see what happens -- will it get to the top of the thighs, can I grow it to my ankles?? I don't really want ankle-length hair on a long-term basis but it would be nice to know.

    Okay, that said, I really think your hair looks great as it is now! With your beautifully well-defined corkscrews (frizz? what frizz?! I'd kill for that much frizz with no product) and your face shape, I think it's exactly how it should be. I wouldn't grow it out. It would become a huge mass that would overwhelm your face completely. Maybe grow out the shorter layers for balance but that's the only thing I'd change, if even that.
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  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    I think the above-shoulder length hair really suits you. But I'm sure you will look lovely no matter how you cut it.

    Sometimes it's fun to let it grow, just for once so you can try it, even if you don't keep it long. But your hair is very spirally, for sure it will take a while!

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