So many different curl patterns -_-

CurlyCamiCurlyCami Posts: 24Registered Users
I've recently noticed after cutting my hair that my curl pattern is changing a bit. Or maybe I've just never noticed how tight some of my curls were. I've always thought my hair was a 3b in the crown area. 3c everywhere else. But, a lot of my pieces underneath are 4a. I'm loving this! Anybody else have something similar going on?! :)


  • CurlyCamiCurlyCami Posts: 24Registered Users
    Will post pics later.
    #iPhone issues
  • Always@night[email protected] Posts: 566Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I do, i always thought I was 3c all the way around, but i've also noticed some 4a randomly mixed in. Pencil s shaped curls, z shaped, and some very tight kinks. It 's all so interesting.

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