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Is it worth it? What did it do to your hair?


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    Yes, it's worth it, but it does take some time to figure out the right amount/technique for your hair. The first time I tried it, I used way too much (and with too much other product), and it left my hair feeling very producty/sticky and limp. I tried it again a couple months later, this time using much less and only over a LI. Now I'm getting great results - good clumping and curl definition with very soft and touchable hair. It is probably my second favorite styler now next to UFD CM.

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    My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

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    For me, worth it, but as stated above, there is a learning curve. The first time I used it I had great results, then spent several more days trying to duplicate those results. I'm currently using a small amount if it fresh from the shower instead of a leave in (my hair is going through some sort of phase, think I may be over conditioned so I've been skipping the LI but need some added slip so the KCCC is filling un for that). It gives me some curl enhancement and some hold. I do still need a harder hold gel or other product with this - but layering products is something I've always had to do (even when I had a pixie cut there were 3 products I used).

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