Kinky Twist

Kay_dubbKay_dubb Posts: 36Registered Users
Do you guys recommend getting Kinky Twist as a protective style or do you think that will break my hair off more?
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  • Gabikay51Gabikay51 Posts: 11Registered Users
    I'd recommend it. The trick is to keep your hair Moisturized while in the twists by using a braid spray or any moisturizing spray you prefer. I'd recommend spritzing your hair at least twice a day to keep your hair Moisturized. Once your hair is Moisturized the less likely breakage will occur.....hope this helped.

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  • Kay_dubbKay_dubb Posts: 36Registered Users
    Oh ok cool. I'm just more so concerned about my edges breaking off but I think that I'm going to do it. Thanks so much for the advice!
    Have Patience :afro: