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So ever since I was a child, I loved to explore, play and watch people doing their naturally curly hair. I was (and still am) so fascinated about it. My mother has always been a natural even as all her family were permed-up (creamy crack heads). She has always encouraged me to embrace my natural hair that God has given to me and the different styles my hair can create. But for the last year or so, I have been blow-drying and hot combing my hair once a month. Then two weeks ago, I was looking at some youtube videos about hydrating straightened hair, but some how I got whirled into watching a video about the curly girl method (CG Method - google it) that MahoganyCurls made about it. After watching that I decided to start the method.
The first day I washed my hair I actually realized how damaged and broken it was. It was terrible :( So I ended up cutting my hair the next day trying to get all the split and damaged hair off. I then bought the book "Curly Girl: The Handbook" by Lorraine Massey which talks about the method in more detail. I really advise you all to buy to book because it helps you understand the method much more and gives you other info about the needs of naturally curly-haired people.

So I'm here today, nearly 3 weeks into this method and I'm loving it! My 4a - 4b curls are so defined and hardly any frizz at all!! Its great :D I was thinking of chopping off all the straight ends but I think my hair would be too short for me. My aim is to grow out my hair to my bra strap but all I'm really concentrating on now is the moisture of my hair (because everyone should know that moisture = healthy hair) & since I have been using sulfate shampoos my entire life, my hair seems to be absorbing all the moisture it can get at this time so I'm tryna give it what it needs most :)

Anyway, you guys are probably asking for my hair regiment but I'm still trying to figure it out so when I know what my official regiment is, I'll post it for you guys (& a picture of my hair because it's not letting me post any)

Peace & Love Curlies!

P.S - did I mention that I was 15?


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    Hi, I'm new too. To post a picture I used photobucket. I uploaded my picture to photobucket and then used the "IMG" code to copy to the forum. Hope this helps and so happy you got an early start on going natural. I'm 40 and just now embracing the change.
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    Thanks :)
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    Welcome, myahjackson! We're glad you're here!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Thank you Gretchen