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Ok, so my hair is extremely thick and heavy, i can use mousse or gel because it just weighs the roots down and looks like dreadlocks. But sometimes i can get awesome volume which are the best days of my life. So i was wondering if any of you have a solution to give me big volume on top all the time??


  • SpinningNickelSpinningNickel Posts: 8Registered Users
    I'm obsessed with volume and hate it when the top of my hair goes flat, but hate back-combing or hair spraying because it feels gross and leave my hair a mess at the end of the day.

    I usually clip the roots of my hair (all over, or just a row of clips at the front and another at the crown depending on how much volume I want) with duckbill or pin-curl clips and let it dry. That just keeps all the roots lifted by 1-2cm while they dry. My hair is pretty fine though, so not sure if it would work for you. The weight of your hair will probably crush that little lift, but if you applied some product JUST to the lifted area, to keep that stiffer without weighing everthing else down, it might be worth a shot.

    I've also used jumbo velcro rollers. Rather than actually roll my hair from tip to root, I've just sectioned it into rows at the top (probably quite thin ones if you have thick hair), placed the roller about an inch from the root, and rolled up to the root. It means your hair only does about half a turn round the roller. You're just kind of... nestling it in there! Again, it lifts the root. I do this when my hair is slightly damp and let it dry, although I sometimes have to use a hair pin at the base of the roller to keep it secure to my head. This one probably works best for thick, wavy hair that's already more or less straight at the crown, because it's going to stretch out any tight curls unnaturally.

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