Dedicated diffuser?

HydePrydeHydePryde Posts: 9Registered Users
Okay, so I already have a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. However, for traveling, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's such a thing as a dedicated diffuser. As in, it's only a diffuser and not a blow dryer. I know back in the 80s when my mom had a perm (awful poodle hair), she had this thing that was kinda shaped like a ping pong paddle, and it was a diffuser. The round part at the top was like a big fan, and I don't remember if it had "fingers" or not. Do they still make anything like this? I'd love to not have to deal with a big hairdryer plus a diffuser attachment...


  • HydePrydeHydePryde Posts: 9Registered Users
    Yes, exactly!

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