Help with my 2.5 yr olds hair

rose.wood.18rose.wood.18 Posts: 4Registered Users
My daugter is 2.5 and I just started the cg method on her hair and am still learning I have straight hair. She got the curly hair from her daddy. Any products that might help her I am willing to try on her.
Here is some pictures of her.


  • KinkyChicKinkyChic Posts: 58Registered Users
    Curls has a product line called Curly Q's, you might try or the regular line by Curls which is available at Target. Giovanni products are nice and kid friendly.

    Her hair appears to be on the finer side so check for her hair type as far as is it fine, medium, or coarse and what items will be too heavy for her hair.

    I've also seen a lot of curlies who use Burt's Bees products. I used them earlier on when my daughter was smaller but can't give a review on how well it worked (I don't remember).