Need a haircut/stylist for 3c! Warner robins, GA

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Hello, I would like to start out with a little background. I havnt had my hair relaxed since February 2011. Becoming a natural girl actually started by accident. When I got pregnant with my son I decided not to get relaxers then just never did even after I had him. I was looking at my hair and decided I wanted to try going without relaxers. I had NO IDEA how huge the natural hair movement is! I went online looking for help with my curly hair and came across this site. So basically to sum it up my hair is past my bra in length in the back and about shoulder length in the front...but about 6 inches or so of that is relaxed lifeless dull ends. Also the crown of my head my curls are a lot tighter and seem frizzy and hard to manage. Well I really want to cut all that relaxed hair off and start anew. Get my hair health and manageable. I'm very nervous about this transition and have ALWAYS had a hard time finding a salon who understands my hair. I don't know if I completly understand it lol.

To the point. I need to find a stylist who specializes in cutting very curly hair. I believe I'm a 3c with some 3b in the very back underside and tight coils on the crown. Mix of craziness in my hair! Anyone know of any curl specalist in my area who could be good to my type of hair and what I'm trying to achieve? Thanks in advance!