Where do i start? Hello

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Hi ladies & gents!

My name is Ty and i have been natural since Oct of 2010 (doing my BC) but i am very new to the site. I just heard of it yesterday and INSTANTLY found a bunch of natural hair salons in my area, that i had been searching for since i went natural.

Im a college undergrad student in Ohio but live in Arizona when school is out. Being natural has been a rollercoaster for me because like stated above, i didnt know of any salons & im very cautious about my hair being done by strangers because i know that not everyone knows how to do kinky 3c/4a hair. I decided to go natural after transitioning and looking at youtube videos since may 2010.

About my hair:
I have very THICK, frizzy and tangld hair. When its wet you can see the curls defined but it quickly will frizz up into an afro like state if i dont put any curl holder/definer on it or do a twist/braid out. What i've been struggling with for the past year is my hair being dry, dandruff (even before i was natural), SSK's, and i have yet to find a staple poo/conditioner. :sad1:
I've used everything from shea moistures, selsun blue, KCCC, organics, Giovanni leave in, carols daughters, aussie moist, cantu shea, yes to products and pantene naturals.


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    Before going natural (transitioning)

    My first twist out (still not natural yet)

    My BC oct, 9th 2010

    I had it cut into the rihanna shaved off sides & this was how it was growing out after a few months (march 2011)

    My current normal afro (a little stretched), blow out, straightened
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    Love the various looks! So much beautiful flexibility.

    Thanks for joining our curlyworld! You'll get lots of curl love and curl support here. :)

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    So in order to reverse some of the damage my hair has endured from SSK's to heat/sun damage i did a Aphogee Protein two step treatment on my hair.
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    Have you heard of the curly girl method? I think you really should try it. Its designed to recovery curls and eliminating dry-ness. This method was founded by Lorraine Massey and she also has a book about it called 'Curly Girl : The Handbook Extended Edition'.