what should I do to get my hair healthy again?

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hi my name is Gina. I'm new to this site, but I've never really known how to manage my hair properly. looking for suggestions for affordable/ drug store type products that will help bring my hair back. I have looked into the "CG" method and I think it looks promising, but I'm not sure exactly what products I should be using, or how I should be using them. Thanks in advance for any help!

this is my hair currently :laughing2: (a few days after washing it)


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    Have you figured out your hair properties yet? We need to know those in order to give you some product suggestions.
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  • Gina.LedermaGina.Lederma Posts: 2Registered Users
    by hair properties I assume you mean the porosity and density ect. if so, as far as I can tell they are:

    Curly or spiral (3B)
    Medium porosity
    High density
    Fine (width)
    and long (down around my shoulder blades)

    hope that helps.

    I just did my first no poo wash using sauve naturals followed up with a good conditioning and detangling with bath and body works coditoner, the tangerine scented one. anyway its what I had already. this is what it looks like today.

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