Curlformers Tips

cassaboxcassabox Posts: 8Registered Users
I recently got some curlformers. I have gotten the technique of putting them in down but the end result is off. Some of my ends look like a very stretched out wash and go and I would detangle my hair like four times: fingers, wide tooth comb, denam brush and tangle teezer. And I still have my natural texture at the ends!

I used a leave in custrad with a twist cream for the back of my head and the twist cream with ecostyler gel level 5 in the front of my head and both sections had some curls with a smooth look at the end and other curls with the frizzy ends with my natural curls popping through.

What tips can you recommend for me? I don't want to give up on curlformers as I find them easier to put in than flexirods/rollersets..


  • Precious CurlsPrecious Curls Posts: 448Registered Users
    Have you tried putting in the Curlformers on already stretched hair?
  • adthomasadthomas Posts: 5,525Registered Users
    After I do my major detangling I go through with a rattail comb. Makes my coils give way whether I'm using curlformers or rollerset. Plus hair has to be completely dry.
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