Is clarifying necessary for CG method?


I have a question: Is clarifying necessary for CG? I am assuming that it probably is. I have bra length 3a hair that is really thick. I started CG about 3 weeks ago and my hair loves it, but am starting to get kind of an itchy scalp and I am noticing some build up. I was thinking about trying the ACV rinse. Any Suggestions?

Has anyone tried CG and never used any clarifying products? Would that lead to hair loss??

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PS... Since I started CG I have gotten compliments left and right, its pretty amazing how much healthier my hair looks in just 3 weeks.


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    Meh, not necessarily, but if you need to, just do it
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    It all depends on what products you used previously. If you used products with cones, the answer is a definite yes. If you're not sure, the answer is yes. If you did not, the answer is no.

    Polyquats build up in my hair. I just can't use them. I need to use a "stronger" sulfactant to remove them. Coco b is not enough for me.

    If your scalp is itchy and you have build up, either you're not scrubbing (with finger "pads") your scalp enough when you cowash. Or, you have some type of build up and need to use a product with a sulfactang.
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    You may need to clarify, but you don't need to buy a clarifying or sulfate shampoo. Shampoos with coco betaine will remove build up, as will a baking soda wash. (always follow with a vinegar rinse!)

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    Thank you for the answers. I feel like I have been scrubbing pretty good with the conditioner, maybe I am getting too much of my leave in on my scalp. I'm gonna do one more cowash before I clarify. Maybe if I scrub more I won't have to clarify. Can your leave in conditioner leave residue if you get it on your scalp?
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    I just wanted to suggest that maybe your scalp is still adjusting to the CG method. You said you've only been CG for 3 weeks; some people have noticed that when they initially go CG their scalp takes some time to adjust and is still over-producing oil (trained to do this from all those years of using sulfate shampoos). If you did a final sulfate wash before you started CG, you should be fine as the products you're listing should not be causing any build up. Some people also do a modified co-wash (there is a name for this method, but I can't think what it is), where they use a cleansing condish or low poo (something with coco betaine or other gentle surfactent) just on the scalp, and then co-wash the rest of the hair. I personally like to alternate between strict co-washing and using cleansing conditioners. But nobody knows your hair like you - if you think you need to clarify, then go for it. I like the suggestion of a baking soda wash and ACV rinse if you don't have a low-poo or something with coco betaine.
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    This is about the time that old buildup starts to get pushed out from the scalp by new hair growth. Doing a brown sugar scrub will help break that up. Just add a tablespoon of brown sugar to your usual co-wash conditioner, and give yourself a really good scalp massage. If that helps, but you still have some itchiness, or notice some flaking, repeat the process.

    Some people apparently need to do this on some sort of regular basis, but I never found that necessary. I did, however, get a better sense of how thorough a scalp massage to use with my co-wash.

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