• DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Posts: 836Registered Users
    Your hair looks very heat damaged, the curl pattern is nearly non existent. I'd say you could be a 3b or 3c but your hair needs a lot of TLC before you can figure it out.

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  • earthnutearthnut Posts: 226Registered Users
    I'd say a 3a or 3b, but since your hair is currently dry and damaged, the curls may tighten up a lot as their health returns.

    Measure the curl diameter of your healthiest curls. 3a's have about 1 inch wide curls, 3b's have about 1/2 inch wide curls, and 3c's have about 1/4 inch wide curls.

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    I agree with the above ladies
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  • SoberingPiano11SoberingPiano11 Posts: 9Registered Users
    From what I see, are 3A. But it looks very damaged, your hair is almost straight.
  • MixedGoldiLocksMixedGoldiLocks Posts: 63Registered Users
    3a.. Hmm maybe some 2 's

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