Need Advice From Henna Users

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I just bought some henna samples from Mehandi. I am asking these questions in case the testing goes well and I decide to do a whole head application. Their site recommends washing/combing out/drying hair prior to applying henna.
Does it matter what shampoo I wash with? There is no way I can ever comb my hair unless it has something with lot of slip in it. Yes....even finger comb or with a wide tooth comb. My hair is very snarly.
I wouldn't want anything to interfere with the henna so what could I use so that I could comb the tangles out but not coat my hair too much?

Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond.


  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    What I would do is get my hair wet and condition FIRST.. comb through all the tangles really well and then rinse.

    Then you shampoo. I'd make sure to use something that actually can remove any of the products you've used. If you're using silicone products, you'll need something harsher. When you apply the shampoo, do so in a very careful manner so as to not tangle your hair.. work it though without messing things up too much so that it doesn't get tangled again.. rinse through carefully as well.

    I've always applied my henna to damp hair, and it's always worked well!

    good luck and have fun!

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