Those days when your hair won't cooperate

xaviarxaviar Posts: 5Registered Users
What do you do on these days ? I try to pull my hair back but sometimes that don't even work .


  • curly lockzcurly lockz Posts: 30Registered Users
    Braids and messy buns! Braids are my favorite, they are lifesavers. :)
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  • omgthatsfunomgthatsfun Posts: 3Registered Users
    Side braids, side braids, side braids. Buns if i'm really not in the mood to put in ANY effort.
  • bre_bre_ Posts: 32Registered Users
    Head bands to keep bangs out the face, twist the bangs even braid them. I usally do buns or messy buns for messy hair.

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  • KrazEKinkEKurlzKrazEKinkEKurlz Posts: 32Registered Users
    Full head scarf and headbands. And sometimes when I don't really care I just let it fly. One day when my hair looked like I had a tumbleweed strapped to my head this guy actually texted me and said he loved my hair... LOL and he was 100% serious!!!

    Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!! :)
  • SimplySophiaSimplySophia Posts: 54Registered Users
    Braids and buns are lifesavers.
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  • CurlyUniqueCurlyUnique Posts: 94Registered Users
    Head bands and ponytails.
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  • ElizabethFaithElizabethFaith Posts: 429Registered Users
    I just sew my curls into a bun! It looks really cute!
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  • maddie619maddie619 Posts: 8Registered Users
    definitley go with a pun or a braid
  • SandiSandi Posts: 364Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Braids and buns are lifesavers.


    And, if you have like 5 minutes in the morning, you can do a quick fix. If I have a few minutes, I usually dump my head underneath the faucet/shower, run some really thick product through it, clump it with my hands, and then rinse.

    (And then, squeeze the excess water out and dab with a t-shirt/silk pillow case/anything that won't create frizz or sap moisture out.
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  • MissDarceiMissDarcei Posts: 193Registered Users
    High buns and high ponytails the low ones dont look that great on me. When I pull my hair up it really shows off my face so I love that. My face can be the star of the show that day! Cant wait until my hair is long enough to put into a side braid. When I do it now it looks so awkward and sticks out lol
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  • Kboou2Kboou2 Posts: 5Registered Users
    I pull my hood over my head and hope for the best.

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