Need help!! crown of head refuses to curl

My hair is 3b on the top and 3c on the bottom. I have no heat damage and recently went to trim my split ends. For weeks I have noticed the front and top of my hair just refuses to revert back to its original curl pattern. It looks more like 3a curls and I'm not sure why but I am freaking out. Does anybody know any possible remediation methods??
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    i wish i knew something to help you, cause i'm in the same boat. Except that i'm a 2c and that section is pretty much strait. :(
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    could it be product buildup weighing your hair down? do you need more layers cut into your hair?
    i'd try a low poo to remove any build up, then do a pt. depending on what pt you use, you will need to do a dt afterwards. (cj repair me does not need any dt afterwards). check your stylers for silicones and polyquats, both will weigh down hair!

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