Just how effective is Coco Betaine?

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Like many on here I have a lot of non CG, silicone filled products collecting dust. I'd be nice if I could use them every now and then but I'm worried coco betaine wont be enough to remove some of the silicones. From what I've read/heard some cones are waaay harder to remove than others (I think some of the c-cones, right?).
I know there's an article on here listing which ingredients will remove silicones, but you never know.

Has anyone had an experience with using coco betaine to remove a wide range of silicones?
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    I've heard coco b is pretty good at removing cones. I THINK it's on the strong end of the sulfate free detergents. I THINK!!!

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    I'd like more definitive answers on this also.
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    I use coco betaine cleansers in my rotation and use cones somewhere between occasionally and 1-2 times a week, depending on my mood. I've had no buildup issues, even when I've skipped my PT for several weeks (I do use a gentle sulfate shampoo prior to PT).

    Cyclo-cones are actually one of the easier non-water-soluble cones to deal with because the cones are designed to evaporate from the hair during the drying process. This can cause drying for some people (in the same way as a drying alcohol) and this is what gets mistaken for buildup. I use cyclo-cone products much more regularly, sometimes even with straight conditioner washing.

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    the curl chemist just wrote an article on this. here is the link:

    Tonya McKay |

    she also mentions about removing silicones in this article. and there is an older article she wrote listing silicones and how to remove them. once you are at her article, i think you can just scroll down to find it. or do a search, using curl chemist/silicones.

    hmm, it should come up with the specific article, it is her newest.

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    I don't use cones, but recently used a lowpoo that had polyquat 7 in it. Started to have build up as a result. Coco b wasn't enough to remove it (Daily Fix.) I had to go stronger with my DM shampoo.

    Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Coco Betaine, Sodium Olefin Sulfonate, Comfrey Root extract, Marshmallow Root Extract, Pro-vitamin B-5, nettle extract, Rosemary Leaf, Chamomile Flower extract, guar silk, glycol stearate, potassium sorbate, citric acid, silver citrate and fragrance.

    It must act in the way that CC discussed--boosting the Sodium Olefin Sulfonate. I don't find this at all drying. It's been my "go to" poo when I really need to remove an ingredient for years. (or at least since it came out, LOL!)
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    Strong enough for me. I use Giovanni shampoos (sulfate free) and the clarifying one is ridic as far as cleaning power (strips like a sulfate shampoo). It doesnt make my hair feel damaged though, so whatever.

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