How I got clear skin :)

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Just some background

sorry if this is long.

I am 23 years old and have always had skin problems. In fact, many people on my mothers side of the family have had horrible skin up until about the age of thirty (I am not sure why).

As soon as I hit puberty, my skin became very oily and the pimples started the reign over my face. My acne was not as bad as some people, but it was still pretty bad. I mostly had cystic acne on my checks, around my hair line along with white heads on my cheeks and chin area.

Everything I would use would dry my skin out, which would make me produce more oil, which I am sure caused me to break out. I also noticed that I let hair products dry up on my forehead, which can't be good for skin.

I never wear makeup and I wouldn't say my diet is great. I wanted clear skin because I think it looks better but I have seen the damage pimples can sometimes do to skin and it isn't pretty.

My skin is not perfect. I still get a pimple every once in a while but it is NOTHING compared to what it used to be. My skin is no longer shiny/ oily or itchy like it used to be. My skin is now clear, radiant toned and dewy at times. It took me a long time(years) to discover what works for me and when I found something that worked, I stuck with it.

Here is my regimen with products that I use:


I find that my skin cannot handle too much washing. Even with gentle products, my skin is just super sensitive. I will break out i I let my skin get too dry.

After I shower, I make sure that my skin is still damp. I take a cotton ball and gently rub only the cotton ball around my face, removing dirt and oil and gently exfoliating. I do this for about 30 seconds. This is especially important after putting products in my hair. If i am styling my hair, I make sure I do this after I shower and each time I apply a new product, since my hair is soaking wet and products tend to drip onto my face.

2. I use Nubian Heritage Raw Shea butter bar soap to cleanse my skin.I find that this soap is very gentle. I use my hands and lightly rub the soap into my skin for about a minute. I rinse this off with warm water and either pat dry with a towel or let it air dry (I usually let my face air dry).

3. Next, I apply rose water to a cotton ball and very gently sweep it across my face. I get my rosewater from whole foods for about 5 bucks.

4. After the rosewater dries, I apply a small about of grape seed oil to my skin and lightly massage all over. I am currently trying avocado oil. Avocado oil seems to be a bit heavier than grape seed oil and it has a heavier scent than grape seed oil. So far, so good. They both moisturize my skin very well.

5. I never did drink enough water. I honestly thought that it would not help much.

Now I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day. I believe it really does help, plus its free!

6. I started taking a multivitamin. I was using Rainbow brand, which Is really good. The only problem I had with that brand is they claim you can take them without food. In my case, my stomach tended to feel a little odd when I would take them without food. I am usually very busy, and like the option of taking a vitamin whenever it is convenient. I now take New Chapter multivitamins. They are a bit pricy but I try to get them when they are on sale.

This is pretty much what I do for healthy looking skin.

This may sound cheesy, but maintaining clear skin has inspired me to want to be an all round healthier person.

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