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First Time Keratin - Pravana?

GingerlyCurlyGingerlyCurly Posts: 3Registered Users
Hey ladies! This is the first time that I'm straightening my hair other than flat ironing. I made an appointment for Pravana Keratin Fusion Texture Control. This is a permanent straightener, though it may or may not completely straighten my 3c locks. I'm really excited, but I'm really worried at the same time. I'm excited for the manageability and the fact that I'll be able to wear my hair down more often. I'm worried, because it's permanent and I'm afraid I'll miss my hair or it won't be as healthy. So,

Two questions:

Has anyone had this treatment done? I would really love to hear from others' experiences.

Also, overall do those of you that have permanently straightened your hair regret it?

Thanks in advance!
Finally coming out of a year of lurkdom!:hello2:
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  • LindseyLoo003LindseyLoo003 Posts: 120Registered Users
    Some people do regret it if its not done right, atleast it seems that way from what I've read on here. Otherwise people are happy. If u have fine hair be careful :)

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  • jeduendejeduende Posts: 22Registered Users
    Hi there. I don't have any experience with this product, but I did a little research for you.

    This site has a good description of the process.

    About Pravana products

    It doesn't actually seem to be a true keratin straightener. It seems more like a mild relaxer. The active ingredient is cysteamine. Reading the description of the process, it sounds like it works on the same principle as the Jheri curl.

    They have a demi-permanent option. If you are really nervous about it, you could do sort of a test run, and see if you like the results before going permanent. Also, you should consider the cost. Presumably, you're going to have to get touch-ups on your new growth.

    This is a stylist's opinion:
    TR Forum - Pravana Keratin Fusion
    Pravana Keratin Fusion is "not" similar to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT.
    Pravana Keratin Fusion is similar to Japanese Hair Straightening/TR.

    Pravana Keratin
    Fusion Texture Control hair straightener does not list ingredients on its
    container regarding the straightening system. However, I have now found
    that Pravana Keratin Fusion contains Cysteamine Hydrochloride as the
    straightening agent, which is a sister chemical to ammonium thioglycolate

    The negative to Cysteamine is that it smells like cat urine in the hair if
    not rinsed out and the smell persists.
    Over the years, other hair straightening agents, such as ammonium bisulfate and
    cyteamine hydrochloride have been used with only limited success. These
    chemicals are not as popular with professional stylists because they do not give
    as strong a curl/straightening or last as long as thioglycolic acid compounds.

    I found one thread about this product (the demi-perm, I think) on NC. The poster seemed very happy with her results.


    fine/med, dense, low porosity

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  • GingerlyCurlyGingerlyCurly Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thank you for the research! It was really helpful. It's interesting to know that the procedure is closer to Japanese straightening. I thought I had found something close to the BKT, only formaldehyde free. From what I understand, Japanese straightening is really unhealthy.
    Finally coming out of a year of lurkdom!:hello2:
    3c, fine texture, low porosity
    CG since July 2010!

    Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Cucumber Melon
    Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

    EVOO + HONEY:love4:
    Proud of my red tresses!
  • jeduendejeduende Posts: 22Registered Users
    Well, when you're just getting this random information off the internet, it's hard to know what to believe sometimes.

    The chemical service you're considering might very well work for you. I think the key is just to have a good stylist who knows how to apply the product right without overlapping the chemicals.

    Chemical treatments in general make your hair more fragile. So, just treat your hair gently.

    This article is talking about perms, but the chemical is the same:

    Want Curls With Less Damage? Try This New Way To Perm!: Beyond the Beauty Pages: Beyond the Beauty Pages: Self.com

    On the other hand, "thio-free" perms use an ingredient (amino acid) called
    cysteamine. Cysteamine also breaks down the disulfide bonds in your hair. This
    chemical doesn't have the strong odor often associated with thio but it isn't as
    effective in producing permanent waves as thio perms (which also means less

    Does "thio-free" mean damage free?
    Unfortunately, that is
    not the case. While
    cysteamine-based perms are less smelly and less damaging, that certainly doesn't
    mean no smell or no damage. This ingredient is still chemically changing
    your hair, which is a damaging process. Cysteamine doesn't work quite as well
    as thio which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it! If
    you want a slightly looser wave that doesn't last as long as traditional perming
    then "thio-free" (or cysteamine) perms are worth a try.

    Here is a positive viewpoint from a stylist:

    Keratin hair straightening is flat-out fabulous for the formerl... - Topix

    The Pravana Keratin Fusion is a nice system. I use this product. HOWEVER it
    cannot be compared to a Keratin Treatment. Pravana is a chemical straightener
    that permanently alters the internal bonds of the hair. The Brazilian Keratin
    Treatment is an external product that does not alter the bonds.
    treatments all have a place in the straightening world, including the Japanese
    straightening. But they are each quite different in many ways from each other
    and serve a different purpose.
    The key is to find a hair
    straightening specialist who is proficient in all of the choices available. One
    who understands all the chemistry involved. They will help to guide you to the
    best treatment for your individual hair type and needs.

    Here is the whole process step by step:

    Pravana's Keratin Fusion: Before, During and After Photos

    If you have any concerns, maybe you should discuss it with your stylist. Hopefully, there is someone who posts on this board can really advise you.
    fine/med, dense, low porosity

    low-poo: SM Curl & Shine, SM African Black Soap Shampoo
    RO: One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Cond.
    leave-in: Giovanni 50/50 cond.
    stylers: KCCC, KMFUM
  • NotavailableNotavailable Posts: 1Registered Users
    I've been getting Pravanna Keratin Treatments for about 1.5 years and I'm delighted with the product and process. My hair (natural state) is unruly wavy, coarse, and wiry -- and will frizz in a minute. With the Pravanna treatment I have sleek, straight hair that moves when I move my head! I was anxious about the results the first time because I had no idea what to expect. The instructions I rec'd were to leave the product in as long as possible after the flat ironing. Not washing my stiff, broom-like hair for 4 days was difficult and uncomfortable, but the payback was that I got a good 6 months out of the first treatment. Subsequent treatments have lasted almost as long but my hair's sheen and bounce has improved with each treatment. Not a great smell at first, but not cat pee (I have cats and know the difference!).
    Critical to use non-sulfate shampoos to protect the treatment. Pravanna shampoo and conditioner are expensive and I didn't like the smell. I've been using WEN (infomerical stuff) and I'm very satisfied.
    The better your stylist does the flat ironing, the better results you'll have. If you have a particular place where you part your hair, make sure it's flat ironed that way. On my first treatment, my hair was parted in the middle (I usually part on the side) and I had to fight the middle part for 6 months.
    If you color your hair, do color after the keratin treatment. The keratin will strip color by 2-3 shades.
    Hope you have equal success with your Pravanna treatment.
  • NewBrunsNewJersNewBrunsNewJers Posts: 1Registered Users
    My hair is thin/fine & frizzy whenever there is humidity in the air. It is also color treated with NaturTint, which is supposed to be ammonia free & more gentle on hair.

    1st experience - I had my hair straightened on a cruise ship with what I believe was Keratin Express - other than having to wait 24 hours to style it (it looked horrible right after treatment - very straight & flat with no body), I was happy with this. I was able to style, and keep waves in my hair without the frizzies! It was great. I will ask for this when I straighten my hair, again.:happy10::happy10:
    2nd experience - I went to my usual hair salon & didn't realize that there were various Keratin treatments (didn't do my research). They used Pravana. My hair looked great right out of the salon - not flat. BUT as soon as I was in a warm area (80 degrees out with humidity), the smell was awful! It would go away & then come back any time there was humidity or when my hair was wet - when I took a shower & washed my hair. It took a few weeks to get better, but there is still an odor when my hair is wet. I called the salon about this & they recommended a sulfur free shampoo (mine wasn't). This masked the odor but didn't really get rid of it. They mentioned that a few other customers had the same complaint, but most didn't (or maybe most didn't call them about it). I would not use Pravana again.:eek::eek:

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